Dr. Fatina holding a tooth model while talking with a young patient

Pediatric Dental Care

Dr. Fatina offers specialized, comprehensive dental care for children from infancy through adolescence. We focus on creating lasting healthy smile habits with children. As your child grows, we put emphasis on prevention and education to ensure their smile remains healthy. Our goal is to help children learn and develop consistent oral hygiene habits.

Child-Friendly Sedation

Based on your child’s specific needs and treatment, we offer sedation options to help your child feel relaxed and at ease. Every child is different and we acknowledge that every appointment can be different as well. At times, sedation may be needed to make your child’s visit more comfortable. Based on your child’s individualized needs and treatment, we offer a variety of sedation options that include nitrous oxide and general anesthesia.

Sedation Dentistry
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Dental sedation equipment
Dr. Shtivelman holding a dental laser while talking with a parent


Precision laser treatment allows us to resolve common issues in children including breastfeeding difficulties, lip and tongue restrictions, and other concerns related to speech or long-term oral health. With our state-of-the-art laser technology, we’re able to quickly and painlessly help children and mothers based on their individual needs.

Lip & Tongue-Tie
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Orthodontic Evaluations

Dr. Fatina has extensive training to predict future growth and development as it pertains to necessary orthodontic intervention and issues. She works closely with trusted orthodontists (such as Gramercy Orthodontics) and as your child grows, continues to assess any need they may have for orthodontic intervention.

Gramercy orthodontics
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Education for Parents

We believe educated parents make the best decisions for their children’s oral health, which is why we’re passionate about providing fun, interactive, and accessible educational resources for parents with kids of all ages to achieve happy, healthy smiles.

Parent Resources
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